This is the podcast, Thanks for Sharing, hosted by lead Bountiful, Utah therapist Jackie Pack. She brings her experiences, humor, and expertise to her global audience weekly.

We explore all things recovery, healing, and relationships.

Each Podcast episode is about 30 minutes long and is full of useful information!

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Episode 161: Gottman’s Four Horsemen

In this episode of our podcast, Jackie talks about the Four Horsemen that the Gottmans’ have identified as behaviors that show up in relationships that are destructive and serve as a barrier

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Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

Episode 159: Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, our podcast on all things related to mental health, including marriage counseling and family relationships, Jackie Pack continues her series on effective communication in relationships. She

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Episode 158: Communication in Marriage

In this episode of our addiction and recovery podcast, host Jackie Pack starts a series about mistakes we often make when communicating in marriage. These common problems get in the way of being understood. 

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Episode 157: New Beginnings

In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Utah therapist Jackie Pack talks about the difficulty of starting over and the importance of allowing ourselves to try new things and to step out

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Make a Not to Do List

Episode 155: Make a Not to Do List

In this last episode of our addiction and recovery podcast of 2019, Jackie Pack talks about making a not to do list in order to live more intentionally, more productively and with

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Episode 154: Reflection Aggression

In this episode Jackie talks with fellow CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist), Josh Nichols, co-owner of Family Solutions Counseling and host of the Youtube Channel RecoveryTV.  This episode focuses on a common phenomenon

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