This is the podcast, Thanks for Sharing, hosted by lead Bountiful, Utah therapist Jackie Pack. She brings her experiences, humor, and expertise to her global audience weekly.

We explore all things recovery, healing, and relationships.

Each Podcast episode is about 30 minutes long and is full of useful information!

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Sexual Health

Episode 148: Sexual Health

In this episode of our addiction and recovery podcast, Jackie Pack introduces you to her colleague and friend Rachel Allen. Rachel is a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) at Healing Paths, Inc.

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Adult Friendships

Episode 147: Adult Friendships

Episode 147 Adult Friendships | Addiction Recovery Podcast | Utah Therapists Friendships can be hard for adults. It can be challenging to make new friends, and our schedules may make it difficult

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The Gift of Fear

Episode 146: The Gift of Fear

Jackie Packs talks with author and security expert Gavin De Becker about his book, The Gift of Fear, and how to recognize danger signals. We all have a tendency to talk ourselves

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Healing Journey

Episode 144: Healing Journey

We talk with one of our clients about her healing journey. She discusses how she first became a client of our Bountiful, Utah clinic. She also talks about how and why she’s

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Neuropathways of Addiction

Episode 143: Neuropathways of Addiction

In this episode, Jackie Pack discusses the neuropathways involved in addiction.  Understanding these neuropathways can often give addicts a view of the internal landscape of their brain, which is driving the addiction.

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Grief and Forgiveness

Episode 142: Grief and Forgiveness

In this episode of “Thanks for Sharing,” Jackie talks about the connection between forgiveness and grief and the complexities of both. For those who find themselves stuck somewhere in grief and cringe

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Sovereignty and Intimacy

Episode 141: Sovereignty and Intimacy

In this episode of “Thanks for Sharing,” our addiction and recovery podcast, Jackie talks about the relationship between sovereignty and intimacy. How we can’t have real intimacy unless we have power over

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Confirmation Bias

Episode 139: Confirmation Bias

In this episode of our podcast, Jackie Pack finishes the series focused on politics focusing on confirmation bias. We are all impacted by our bias, and we all want to be right.

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