This is the podcast, Thanks for Sharing, hosted by lead Bountiful, Utah therapist Jackie Pack. She brings her experiences, humor, and expertise to her global audience weekly. We explore all things recovery, healing, and relationships.

Each Podcast episode is about 30 minutes long and is full of useful information!

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Episode 178: Living with Intention

In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Jackie talks about the importance of living with intention. How do we lay a foundation for ourselves to do this? Jackie offers practical steps to

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Episode 177: The Drama Triangle

There is a typical communication process that will derail conversations and leave participants frustrated. Therapists and communications experts refer to it as the drama triangle. Jackie Pack explains in this episode of Thanks

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Episode 176: The Science of Crying

We don’t know a lot about why we cry and even less about why some people don’t cry. There have been a lot of misconceptions throughout history about crying.  Sadness and sorrow

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Episode 175: Self-Compassion

The importance of self-compassion is essential and warrants and an episode of our mental health podcast. Jackie describes three components to self-compassion and the common barriers we face in developing this particular

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