This is the podcast, Thanks for Sharing, hosted by lead Bountiful, Utah therapist Jackie Pack. She brings her experiences, humor, and expertise to her global audience weekly.

We explore all things recovery, healing, and relationships.

Each Podcast episode is about 30 minutes long and is full of useful information!

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Sovereignty and Intimacy

Episode 141: Sovereignty and Intimacy

In this episode of “Thanks for Sharing,” our addiction and recovery podcast, Jackie talks about the relationship between sovereignty and intimacy. How we can’t have real intimacy unless we have power over

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Confirmation Bias

Episode 139: Confirmation Bias

In this episode of our podcast, Jackie Pack finishes the series focused on politics focusing on confirmation bias. We are all impacted by our bias, and we all want to be right.

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Cognitive Dissonance

Episode 137: Cognitive Dissonance

In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Jackie Pack talks about Cognitive Dissonance.  Life is filled with decisions and decisions typically arouse dissonance.  Continuing to look at our current state of politics

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Johari Window

Episode 135: The Johari Window

In this episode Jackie talks about the Johari Window as a tool for increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  This is a tool often used in therapy as a way for clients to

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The Harm Reduction Model

Episode 134: The Harm Reduction Model

In this episode of our mental health and addiction podcast, Jackie Pack talks with fellow CSAT and Marriage and Family Therapist Jeremy Mast about the Harm Reduction Model. Traditional abstinence based programs

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