Episode 164: Resolving Complex Trauma with EMDR Therapy

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In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Jackie talks about treating trauma with EMDR.  She explains what EMDR therapy looks and feels like and what the goal of EMDR should be.  Jackie also talks about hesitancies therapists may experience in treating trauma.

TRANSCRIPT: Resolving Complex Trauma with EMDR Therapy

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. In today’s episode I wanted to talk about EMDR. Now EMDR, this won’t be the first episode where I’ve talked about EMDR or even had guests, I think we’ve had a couple of guests on in the past three years of doing this podcast, we’ve had guests on who talked about EMDR. In the state where I live, which is Utah, EMDR is becoming a really popular training for therapists to take, and the training actually comes here to Utah, which is always convenient and it’ll reduce the cost of training for therapists because they don’t have to pay… local therapists don’t have to pay for travel and stay while they’re away for the training, and I think it’s a good thing overall for more therapists to get trained in EMDR because we live in a world where so many have experienced trauma, and we also know more about trauma than ever before. We also know and understand more about treating trauma than we’ve ever understood before, and so for therapists, what this means is that we have to be offering treatment for trauma. Maybe this wasn’t always the case even when therapists were treating trauma, maybe they didn’t always have an informed approach from which they were treating that trauma.