Episode 187: Finding Optimal Recovery after Addiction


After the initial phase of recovery from addiction, it’s vital to move beyond sobriety into optimal recovery. Often this is a lifelong process. In therapy, we need a corrective emotional experience, where together with our therapist, we examine traumatic events from our childhood, which may have caused the addiction in adulthood. We look at critical events from the past that were maladaptively processed. We also identify other dysfunctional coping mechanisms in our lives. 

TRANSCRIPT: Finding Optimal Recovery after Addiction

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. So I’ve been going through my filing cabinet lately and condensing materials, throwing away, shredding, recycling what I don’t need, and recycling things that I do need that I do like, and I found some things that I used to use earlier in my career, and for some reason I forgot about them. I stopped using them. I’m not sure, I learned something else and just kind of evolved in my process of doing therapy, and so as I’ve been going through some of these file folders and I’m pulling out some of these papers and exercises that I had gotten or created myself,