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It really doesn’t matter how you got here; what is important to me is that you are here. I believe that all of us need some professional assistance to help resolve personal issues during our journey called life. I have dedicated my professional career through education, training, and real-life episodes to help children, adolescents and family members who need assistance with behavioral episodes, relationships, trauma, addiction, suicidal ideation and other life changing events. “All of us are children of God so our needs are great”. Sometimes those needs are so great they put us in great disparity. This imbalance distorts our thinking, our behavior, and we may find that our choices are not consistent with who we really are. Sure, we all have great human traits like rationalization and denial, but more often they are replaced by guilt and shame when confronted or validated by those we love or respect. You have already learned this, and I applaud you for reaching out for yourself, or on behalf of your love one. My hand is extended to you. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to work with you on your personal recovery back to balance.

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