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Can You Hear Me Now?

A Witnessing Workshop
April 13, 2019 11 AM to 3 PM, 1325 N. Main St. #3, Bountiful

Do you ever find yourself thinking “Who am I and what is my life about?!?” No, seriously.

Sometimes it is hard to see our own strengths through the bad things that have happened in our lives.

Maybe you woke up one morning and realized you had married a stranger?

Or maybe the last family get together left you feeling like an alien from another planet? It’s clear that the story you’ve been telling yourself about your life isn’t answering all the questions you have. Sometimes we don’t know what we stand for in life, and we lose track of what’s really important to us. And it is easy to feel invisible to others, not seen or heard.

So, if you’re ready to change your story…

If you’re ready for more understanding than confusion…

If you want to see yourself and others in a new light…

Come experience an immersive workshop where we will explore our identities and values in a safe, confidential group setting. We will do simple exercises in self-exploration, personal narrative and sharing.

Saturday, April 13th, 11-3pm, at Healing Paths, 1325 N. Main Street in Bountiful.  Light lunch and snacks will be available. All materials needed for the workshop provided. Come as you are! $150—space is limited, please register as soon as possible by contacting Christina Ellwanger, CSW, MSW