Christina Ellwanger MSW, CSW
Ethan Maryon LCSW, CSAT-C

Mindfulness Tools for Trauma Therapy Group

Life exceeds our coping skills sometimes. Maybe we feel like our life is a movie that we are watching on a screen instead of participating. Perhaps our emotions are just too big and too much, or we completely shut down. Maybe we always feel unsafe, or a little off our own bodies, or we feel stuck and don’t know why.

Healing Paths, Inc. is very excited to learn more about what trauma is with a group of friends. You will learn what happens in our brains and bodies when emotional trauma occurs.

We will learn and practice mindfulness skills and exercise to help balance the nervous system and deal with potential triggers. We will work to build a stronger relationship with ourselves while connecting with others in a safe space, therapeutic environment. Groups will include activities, skill-building, and sharing, as well as access to supportive learning materials between group sessions. It is open to the public and all levels of mindfulness practice with no previous experience necessary.

Thursday Nights

7:00 – 8:30 PM

Start Date: October 24, 2019

This group will run for six weeks.

Cost: $300


Healing Paths, Inc.

1325 N. Main St. Ste 3

Bountiful, UT 84010

+1 (801) 648-9021

Summer Group For Teens

Contact Fred Brooks!

Fred Brooks is our Bountiful, Utah Clinic specialist for children, teens, and families.

Can You Hear Me Now?

A Witnessing Workshop

April 13, 2019 11 AM to 3:00 PM


Healing Paths, Inc.

1325 N. Main St. Ste 3

Bountiful, UT 84010

+1 (801) 648-9021

Contact Christina Ellwanger

Questions We Ask Ourselves

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Who am I and what is my life about?!?”

No, seriously.

Sometimes it is hard to see our strengths through the bad things that have happened in our lives.

Maybe you woke up one morning and realized you had married a stranger?

Or maybe the last family get together left you feeling like an alien from another planet?

Maybe the story you’ve been telling yourself about your life isn’t answering all the questions you have.

Discover what You Stand For

Sometimes we don’t know what we stand for in life, and we lose track of what’s important to us. And it is easy to feel invisible to others, not seen or heard.

So, if you’re ready to change your story …

If you want more understanding than confusion …

If you’re trying to see yourself and others in a new light …

Come and experience an immersive workshop where we will explore our identities and values in a safe, confidential group setting. We will do simple exercises in self-exploration, personal narrative, and sharing.

Light lunch and snacks will be available. All materials needed for the workshop provided. Come as you are! $150—space is limited, please register as soon as possible by contacting Christina Ellwanger, CSW, MSW