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Healing Paths, Inc in Bountiful, Utah specializes in behavioral addiction. We’ve found neurofeedback to be an important treatment in helping our clients overcome the effects of trauma.

Nothing Works

Have you tried years of therapy only to keep coming back to the same problems or fears over and over?

Many of our neurofeedback clients in Bountiful, Utah come to us with a lot of experience in traditional therapy–they have done a lot of work with a personal therapist over many years, and have benefitted from it, but there always seems to be some corner that talk therapy doesn’t help. Many people are not even aware of the unconscious blocks that prevent them from experiencing full relief.

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The Role of the Brain and How It’s Preventing Healing

The unconscious brain handles so much of what we do and experience. But it is challenging to heal the unconscious mind through traditional therapy methods. Neurofeedback is a safe and reliable way to work with the unconscious, to move things that are blocking mental health.

Rather than targeting specific behaviors or thoughts and trying to change them, Neurofeedback acts as a mirror to the brain.

Your Path to Healing at the Speed of Thought

If you looked in the mirror and noticed a smudge on your face, what would you do?

You would probably remove it.

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Neurofeedback therapy works much the same way with the brain. Through the computer interface, the brain has an opportunity to watch itself function, and it makes adjustments where it needs to–almost entirely on the unconscious level.

How Neurofeedback Therapy Affects the Unconcious Brain

The fact that it works on the latent mind is one of the main reasons we see neurofeedback work so effectively with children and with adults alike. When we’re dealing with the brain, we are also dealing with a part of the body with specially designed defenses.

There is nothing to defend against when participating in neurofeedback because it is not threatening to the conscious mind.

Neurofeedback sessions are neither invasive nor intense–and can even be fun. There are several different forms of feedback you can choose from. You might enjoy racing cars through the desert or running a jet-ski course as a shark. Some clients like to create art on the computer and some watch a movie (bring a favorite DVD from home or choose from our growing library).

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This is therapy unlike anything you’ve experienced before, with results you didn’t know were possible!

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  • An Addicts Experience
  • A Parent's Experience

An Addicts Experience

"I'm 43 and I've been addicted to pornography for 20 years! I've been in and out of recovery and therapy for the past 10 years with moderate success. I definitely learned a lot of great information and skills that have helped me in traditional therapy, BUT I could never get over the hump and make any real traction with my sobriety.

"... [My therapist] recommended that we take a break from traditional talk therapy for a while and try neurofeedback. I was skeptical but kind of desperate, so I agreed ... after only a couple of weeks, I noticed a big and surprising change at work--One day I had an angry customer and the sale fell through. Normally I'd be primed to act out or get angry myself. But this time was different. I was frankly shocked at my reaction. It didn't bother me at all!

"After that, I continued seeing more and more improvements in my ability to handle tough and stressful situations at work and in my marriage and personal life. THAT has been the biggest change that I've noticed, and because of that, the acting out has naturally become less and less of a trigger and draw for me. I've had the longest stretch of sobriety of my life."

A Parent's Experience

"We have been dealing with behavioral issues with one of our children. We have been working on these issues for a number of years, trying many different things. We have always been open to trying anything that might help. In talking with family, it was suggested we try neuro-feedback. We did several neurofeedback sessions with him over the course of a couple of months. During the time we were doing neurofeedback, we still continued with other support as well. We saw huge improvement during those couple of months."