One Layer Deeper Intensives™

We offer weekend retreats and webinars designed to help you identify and push your growth to the edge of what you previous thought was possible. These are intensive workshops that go beyond what you would normally do with your regular local therapist or group recovery program.

We believe that the most reliable indicator of your long-term success in recovery is the quality of your relationships—

Are they safe?

Are they connected?

Are they healthy?

These relationships don’t just come into your life because you want them. We in recovery have to learn how to connect. We in recovery from trauma have to learn how to tolerate the discomfort that comes with being connected, which isn’t always easy at first. And we must work to stay connected in rewarding ways.

Are You a Utah Resident Looking for a “Weekend Mental Health Retreat Near Me?”

You’re lucky. We just happen to be located in Bountiful Utah and can provide you with the type of weekend workshop you need, while allowing you a weekend away from life’s distractions.