Episode 57: Mother-Enmeshed Men with Ken Adams

Jackie and Jon talk to nationally renowned author and treatment provider, Dr. Ken Adams.  Ken is known for his groundbreaking and cutting-edge work with sex addicts and offers specific help to men who are dealing with issues related to unresolved relationships with their mothers.  Ken helps the men who are trapped between loyalty to mom and loyalty to their partner get unstuck.  Ken has written numerous books focused on helping addicts heal from sexual addiction such as When He’s Married to Mom, Silently Seduced and Clinical Management of Sex Addiction.

You can find out more about Ken and the work he does with mother-enmeshed men at www.drkenadams.com.  His books are available on Amazon.com.

2 thoughts on “Episode 57: Mother-Enmeshed Men with Ken Adams”

  1. How does a husband break away from mom when His mom is no longer living? His therapist mentioned to him that his mom was emotionally incestuous with him. He views me,his wife much like his mom. He’s a sex addict who is in recovery who has bucked boundaries that we both set and agreed on together. He’s called me controlling. He’s blamed me. He’s said many times stop trying to mother me and has left me confused and angry because he agreed on these boundaries. We are currently separated because of lots of pride and arrrogance and lack of consistency in trustbuilding. Please help!!!

  2. For men who are setting boundaries with mom, often the most effective is to do what we call “empty chair” work. This is where the conversations and boundary setting are happening in a therapist office, without mom in the room. This can be a safe and effective way to make verbal what has never been ok to say. This is also a way where corrective conversations can happen because in the room, mom can actually accept the boundaries and give permission for healing to happen because the client is able to say what he has always needed to hear.

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