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Is your child struggling in school? Maybe there are behavioral issues, bullying, low self-esteem, or anxiety. As a parent, you may find that these challenges are overwhelming, and you don’t know how to manage them.

Maybe you, as a parent, are experiencing anxiety and depression as well. The shame of not knowing how to help a struggling child can be overwhelming for many parents. You don’t have to do this alone.

30-Years of Experience Helping Others

For over 30-years as a licensed school psychologist and certified therapist, Fred Brooks has been working with children and adolescents who are struggling in school. He’s worked within and outside the school system and understands the issues children and parents face.

Recognized for Excellent Psychological Care

In 1992, Canada’s Who’s Who publication recognized Fred for work in school psychology and child development. This reflects the countless individuals he’s helped to recover from trauma, addiction, and other mental health challenges.

End the Stigma of Personal Therapy and Mental Health Care

Fred Brooks believes all people need some professional assistance to help resolve personal issues during their life. Too often, people feel a sense of shame for seeking help. They avoid getting the services they need, allowing unmanaged traumas to control their behavior. Avoiding the mental healthcare you need is counterproductive to your goals and value systems. Start to manage this essential aspect of your life.

Mental Health is a Science

Fred’s dedicated his professional career to evidence-based techniques. Unfortunately, some practitioners in our field of counseling and therapy resort to unproven methods when treating patients. These unproven practices cause frustration and psychological damage to people in need of improved mental health.

Through his excellent education, expert training, and real-life counseling experience, Fred Brooks brings positive outcomes to his clients.

His proven techniques have helped children, adolescents, and family members who need assistance with:

  • behavioral episodes
  • relationship counseling
  • trauma therapy
  • addiction treatment
  • suicide prevention

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Life Disparity

Sometimes we have needs that are so great; our problems create significant disparity with others. This imbalance distorts our thinking, our behavior, and we may find that our choices are not consistent with the values we espouse.

Whether he’s working one-on-one with a client, with families, or in a group setting, Fred Brooks shares his expertise in a warm and inviting manner. He serves the community of Bountiful, Utah, as one of its most experienced and trusted therapists.

Fred considers it a privilege when he’s welcomed into another person’s life journey and allowed to help and make a difference.

Credentials of Fred Brooks

M.A., M.Ed, Ed.S, CCTP, ADHD-CCSP (pending).

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