Bri Leavitt, Intern Therapist

I spent a lot of time in school trying to figure out what the best route for me was going to be. I always knew I wanted to work with people, and at the beginning of my education, I thought I would become a teacher. It wasn’t until I took an introductory social work class that it finally clicked: THIS is what I am passionate about.

What I Love About Being a Social Worker

We seek to understand why someone may be coming to therapy. We use a person-in-environment approach. All of us are the result of what we have witnessed and the consequence of what has impacted us. We tend to ask the question: “What is wrong with me?” Instead, we should ask ourselves the question: “What has happened to me?”

The Importance of Relationships

Before I entered school, I always had an easy time connecting with others. I enjoy the process of interacting with people and believe that the loss of relationships, whether it’s a disconnect with ourselves or others, plays a massive role in the mental health problems we may face in life. I am passionate about people, and nothing makes me happier than assisting people in finding peace in their lives.

Educational Background

I graduated in the spring of 2020, earning my bachelor of social work degree. While attending the University of Utah for my bachelor’s degree, I also conducted a substance use disorder treatment training while completing my practicum at an inpatient recovery center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Currently, I am attending the University of Utah and will graduate in Spring 2021 with my master’s degree in social work. My chosen focus is mental health.
Bountiful Utah Therapist Bri Leavitt

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