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Christina Ellwanger, Clinical Social Worker, CSW, MSW

Bountiful Utah Therapist Christina Ellwanger

One thing I can say for sure is that my life has not gone the way I ever expected it would. I know how it feels to rebuild yourself after loss, abuse, and trauma. But I know first-hand that sometimes our most painful experiences can be the catalyst to our greatest growth and eventually, our truest happiness.

Who Am I?

What do I believe in? What is important to me? What do I want out of life? These are very important questions that I have had to face and help others to face every day. I truly believe in the power of therapy and integrate trauma-informed practices of mindfulness, personal narrative and self-compassion into my work as a Utah therapist,

I also work in the field of hospice, which helps me to bring a deep level of acceptance to my work, as well as honoring the grief process, we go through in so many of life’s changes. I have also volunteered at a domestic violence shelter and have extensive experience with 12-step groups.

I Love to Help People Build Safety & Personal Meaning in their Lives

My perspectives come not only from my own experiences, but from my education in the fields of Anthropology and Social Work, earning a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, and my long-standing personal practices of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. 

I believe those of us who suffer and struggle and overcome problems have the greatest resources for making real change. As we use and share what we know, we can bring healing to others in the world.

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