Episode 15- Understanding what Trauma is with Anastasia Pollock


With their first ever guest- trauma and PTSD expert Anastasia Pollock, Jon and Jackie explore what trauma is and why it can be so tricky to heal from.

Anastasia is the clinical director at Lifestone Counseling Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1 thought on “Episode 15- Understanding what Trauma is with Anastasia Pollock”

  1. This episode was very enlightening to me. I came to realize so much from my past that has brought me to where I am today with trauma and addiction. My small trauma’s were:

    a mother who couldn’t connect with me, she struggled a ton with bipolar depression, especially during my preteen and early teenage years. She still struggles and I still find it very difficult to connect with her.

    struggling to connect with an emotionally distant dad who felt like he had to do everything because of my mom’s depression. I can connect to my dad a lot better now than I ever could in the past.

    being harassed and bullied at school

    having a very a controlling older brother who refused to listen to me

    I have been working with Karmin doing EMDR and it has significantly improved my quality of life and how I experience life. I’m not as shut down anymore because of these traumas. I still have some work to do, but I am grateful for the perspective and healing that EMDR has brought to my life.

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